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Consumer-brand relationships NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: COURSE TITLE: DATE OF SUBMISSION: Introduction to Consumer-brand relationship In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, the companies are compelled to do investments in avenues that will support them in attracting and retaining the customers along with nurturing the brand relationships with them so that they are able to create a distinctive image in the market.


When the concept of branding is applied in the marketing strategies, there is a huge possibility that an effective consumer-brand relationship is created. The marketing experts have realised that the customers have become more informed and have easy access to a wide range of choices and the only way to get competitive advantage in the respective market is to strengthen the consumer-brand relationship which means getting the customers emotionally involved with the brand (Bengtsson, Bardhi & Venkatramann, 2010). It is stated by Frank et al. (2010) that the companies that will ensure that they create a highly gripping, pleasurable, consistent and compelling experience of brand for their customers which will enable it to get the top ranking in the market. However, the companies that strive to strengthen their brand just to obtain monetary benefits or don’t take account of the customer’s preferences are often unable to create a healthy relationship with their customers. ...
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