The impact and implications of Burger King's arrival in Lausanne for Mc Donald's

The impact and implications of Burger King
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The impact and implications of Burger King's arrival in Lausanne for Mc Donald's McDonalds Franchises, Lausanne, Switzerland. Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction:  4 Secondary Research: 5 Qualitative Research: 8 Study design 8 Recruitment and participants 8 Data Collection 9 The survey investigated the behaviours and customs of the subset to identify loyalty trends and satisfaction levels.


The questions took both the open and closed format. The data thus collected was analysed using SPSS version 19 and the results presented in graphical, tabular and arithmetic formats. The questions were designed to draw as much feedback as possible on the satisfaction levels of clients in terms of product quality, affordability and service. There was one question which was inferential and it was aimed at establishing the respondents’ loyalty. The multiple choice format and Likert based scales which is a preferred method for determining ranking of answers (Huck 76; Creswell 98) were used. The questions were set with the assistance of findings from previous studies and the questionnaire was self administered. The questionnaire was constructed with the eventual purpose of analysis in mind. The setting of the research questions was done with reference to previous research done in competing firms and the multiple choices were double checked to ensure that they captured all necessary aspects of the research. ...
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