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Emirate airlines (Milmo et al.) Background Emirates Airlines (EA) is one of the prominent airliners in the world at present. It is owned and administered by the royal family members of the Dubai administration. Headquartered in Dubai and started in 1985, Emirates Airlines is operating in more than 55 countries and to 77 destinations.


In fact, Dubai is known as the business hub of Middle East. Even though Dubai witnessed rapid growths during the latter part of twentieth century, a national airliner was a dream until 1985, despite having an excellent airport. Dubai had been used as the stopover on routes between Europe and Far East during the 70’s and early part of 80’s. The business savvy Dubai royal family has realized potential of airline business during this period and they decided to exploit it. Thus the initial works for the formation of the company EA has started in 1985. ”Because of Dubai's unique political structure, Emirates could be described as both government-owned and privately held, though most considered it state-owned. It was required to operate independent of government subsidies, however, apart from $10 million in start-up capital” (The Emirates Group History). It is difficult to consider EA as a private or public company because of the unique political and administration system prevails in Dubai. The royal family is responsible for Dubai administration and at the same time, they are engaged in many other private businesses like EA. In 1974, three years after independence, the rulers of the UAE decided to establish a joint flag carrier: Gulf Air. ...
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