Understanding the Consumer Assignment

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Finding why people purchase is a really complex task. The buyer’s thinking and processing is similar to the black box found on an airplane crash site and the buyer’s psyche can only be understood subjectively.


Although, this model might look applicable in the modern world however consumer behavior is far too complex to be predicted on the basis of one single model. The reason is that today consumers themselves are very diverse and so any one set of assumption cannot hold true for everybody. In the paragraphs ahead it will be discussed how things as simple as signing one’s name, the name a person has been given by his or her family and the culture one lives in can have an influence on purchase decisions. Consumer decision making process and online shopping Haubl & Trifts (2000) propose in their study on the impact of decision aids on online shopping and consumer decision process that interactive decision aids are made for helping customers online. These decision aids help during the initial display of products available online and they also help in detailed comparison between preferred substitutes which might have highly wanted characteristics with regards to consumer decision making. Such aids permit online shoppers to conveniently find products that have been over-priced or find products which have been dominated by competitors’ inferior products due to competitors spending excessively on online advertising. Consequently, market has become more economically efficient. Generally, the presence of interactive decision aids on e-commerce websites should improve the skill of customers to find products that correspond to their personal preferences and, consequently, result in considerable optimistic and good effects for consumers. ...
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