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Introduction to the company and the brand There are many companies today and even brands that seek to generate substantial response from specific customers or target markets. The companies and brands they produced are trying to achieve competitive advantage in order to generate specific market response.


Latigo-S produced by Company XYZ is a dietary supplement that helps cleanse and detoxify the body from the adverse impact of internal parasites in the human body. Company XYZ does not want to compete with other renowned companies trying to promote dietary supplements even though the product it is promoting belongs to the same category. The reason is that Latigo-S is a product that is labelled dietary supplement, but unlike any other products of the same category, its main function is not to directly boost the immune system but to kill internal parasites of the human body. Company XYZ continuously conducts significant market trials for their product offering as they continue with their research strategy for ensuring a sustainable market for Latigo-S. Currently, the company is busy innovating possibility on how they could create a remarkable market for their products and they are now on the go disseminating the real knowledge concerning human internal parasites. Unlike any other companies that promote dietary supplements and educate people concerning pollutants and human nutrition, Company ZYZ together with its Latigo-S is trying to initiate educational campaign on the truth behind human internal parasites and their probable impacts on the human health. ...
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