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You are a senior marketing consultant working for ‘Global Marketing Solutions plc.’ Your chosen global brand has commissioned you to produce a report that answers the following questions: STEP 2 Answer ALL of the following questions: 1. Critically analyse the extent that your chosen global brand’s marketing mix is standardised and/or adapted across international markets.


Again, remember to support your answer. (25 marks) 3. Analyse the extent that you believe Country of origin effect (COO) influences consumer perception of your chosen global brand. Justify your answer. (20 marks) A maximum of 5 marks are awarded for presentation - (5 marks) Overview of Standardization and Adaptation in Marketing Mix Marketing mix, as defined by Jain (2009), refers to the combination of the product, the distribution system, the price structure and the promotional activities. The author (Jain, 2004), has further been of the opinion that it is a term that is used to denote a specific combination of marketing variables that are controllable by an enterprise and that are used to appeal a particular market segment. Both Marketing standardization and marketing adaptation of the marketing mix encompass opposite characteristics. Marketing standardization has been defined as “the offering of identical product lines at identical prices, through identical distribution systems, supported by identical promotional programs, in several countries (Buzzell, 1968). On the other hand, marketing adaptation or localization has been identified as having marketing mix satisfying specific needs of the local market (Alimiene and Kuvykaite, 2008:36). ...
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