The Body Shop Marketing Plan In Hull.

The Body Shop Marketing Plan In Hull. Assignment example
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The Body shop is one of the most reputed companies in the cosmetic industry. It has joined hands with L’Oreal recently to improve its global presence. However, some people believe that this alliance is just like the mixing of oil with water.


Since it is a socially committed company, Body shop gives more priority to environmental protection and human right protection. Hull is one of the most heavily populated cities in England. It has a large tradition and heritage. Moreover, Hull is one of the heavily industrialized cities in England. The per capita income of people of Hull city is more than that of other people in England. Body shop has better business potentials in Hull city, especially in the coming spring season. This report discusses the marketing strategies suitable for body shop to exploit the market potentials of Hull city in the coming spring season. Background Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are some of the popular business terms in the modern world. These terms got popularity because of the increasing awareness of the people about the protection of environment and the consequences of injudicious exploitation of natural resources. Corporates in the past heavily exploited the natural resources and hence the environment is facing huge problems now. Modern generation believe that it is the duty of the corporate companies to give something back to the communities in which they operate and to the environmental protection. ...
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