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1. Many past research have supported the link between customer commitment and a firm’s profitability. Your firm wants to know how to increase your customer’s commitment and loyalty to your products. Discuss the different types of commitment in marketing, and how commitment may be measured.


Such a relationship is established with a brand, product, service, or the company itself. A committed customer, thus, is the one who is in certain psychological state that motivates the person to buy the company’s product or service regularly. Commitment, as Jones et al. outline (2010), has some specific characteristics. First of all, it is targeted – a person can be committed to different things, including company’s product or the company itself. The subject of the commitment is, thus, what connects an individual with the organization through the person’s psychological attachment. Secondly, commitment may take different forms. Among them are affective, normative and continuance commitment. Each type of commitment has a different psychological basis. Finally, each of the three types of commitment generates “different effects on various relationship-related outcomes” (Jones et al. 2010, 20). This means that, depending on which type of commitment a customer experiences, the individual is more or less likely to be willing to maintain the relationship with the subject of commitment. Similarly, the type of commitment determines how loyal that individual is to the brand or company, and how likely he or she is to abandon the brand or company. ...
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