Consumer behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Marketing Mix Stimuli 4 Cognitive Response 6 Affective Response 14 Behavioural Response 16 Reference 23 Marketing Mix Stimuli The study has selected detergent as a product category to analyze marketing mix stimuli.


Product portfolio of Ariel brand can be explained in the following manner. Ariel Excel Gel The product is designed for low temperature cleaning. Unique design of the bottle and innovative gel formulae of the product give user the opportunity to wash cloths with high precision. The gel gets dissolve very easily in water hence solvency rate increases. The detergent is able to remove various types of stains such as tomato sauce, dirt, chocolate etc from cloths. Ariel Powder Ariel Powder is designed to give brilliant cleaning in every wash. The detergent can wash coloured garments without causing harm to fabrics of garment. The detergent should be dosed directly on the cloth by taking water as surfactant. Ariel Excel Liquitabs Ariel Excel Liquitabs is able to remove stains such as oil, tar, grease etc. The product should be dosed in the lower drawer of Washing Machine. Ariel Tablets Ariel Tablets provides convenience of using to users. The product has been developed in order to get brilliant wash from smallest possible dose. (Source: Ariel, 2012) Cognitive Response The study will be incomplete if it misses the opportunity to explain role of consumer behaviour on purchasing detergent product. ...
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