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International Marketing Introduction Mulberry is a fashion based organisation that is founded in England in the year 1971. The company is known for its leather products with specialisation in women handbags. Roger Saul is the founder of the company who opened up a firm in Chilcompton in England.


It provides the facility of discounts at Mulberry shops to its shareholders who own the 500 shares with the company (Morley 2011). The company operates on a large scale, having stores throughout the UK and across the world including Europe, Australia, and Asia. It aims at expanding its base by increasing the production of leather bags in the UK. Mulberry Handbags represent the symbol of England’s distinctiveness and style along with the lifestyle of the people of Britain. This brand is mostly preferred by ladies and is one of their best choices. The uniqueness lies in the provision of exclusively designed handbags that are available at reasonable prices. This brand provides products that represent ideal price, design, style and quality all provided at a single point. Mulberry has produced some top class products like Bayswater handbags and Roxanna handbags with the new unique designs styles. Therefore, Mulberry provides stylish and durable handbags at reasonable prices. The company also operates through various online stores that provide handbags of all models and styles to the various consumers in the market (Morley 2011). The company aims to go for internationalisation in India in order to reach new market and expand its customer base. ...
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