Role of digital marketing in an organisation's marketing strategy

Role of digital marketing in an organisation
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Digital Marketing NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: COURSE TITLE: DATE OF SUBMISSION: Introduction to Digital Marketing Internet has revolutionised the way in which organisations are conducting their business operations especially marketing activities. Through the emergence of internet, businesses have found a platform that is cheap and easy for them to use and it allows the businesses to target their consumers all around the globe.


In recent years, the rate of internet users has increased in leaps and bounds. The use of internet is compulsory in some areas of education especially in the area of research. As the customers are using Internet on a frequent basis, it has become vital for the companies to strengthen their presence on various online platforms. In order to survive in today’s tough and competitive environment, the corporations will have to make proper use of the social media tools and develop an online marketing strategy that will help them in gaining or maintaining a competitive edge in the market. According to Neti (2011), digital marketing is commonly known as e-marketing and online marketing which is the communication and promotion process used by the companies to sell their products or services on the Internet. Digital marketing technique has brought with it convenience and ease for the business as well as the customers. The digital marketing processes have to be incorporated in the company’s overall marketing plan as it is an integral part of its Integrated Marketing Communication plan. ...
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