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Vodafone: an analysis of the Marketing Mix Student Number Word Count: 2,916 Course University Date of Submission 1.0 Introduction: The profitability of any enterprise is determined not only by uniqueness or usefulness of its product but the actual market demand that exists for them.


Profitable businesses have to give equal strategic importance to all these four aspects of marketing if they want to compete for a greater share in increasingly tumultuous markets. In this age of increasing and accessible media technology, the customer has become even more demanding about what they will buy or not given. There is excess information readily available to compare and contrast various business offerings and any complaint or minor discrepancy about a certain brand can be communicated to the mass marketplace very easily. In such conditions, claiming to be the best business in any sector is no small feat but Vodafone, British’s top most mobile network service provider and the world’s second biggest brand by both revenue and subscribers (intangible business, 2008, pg 10) has managed to attain and maintain this position for quite some time. Launched in 1982 as a joint venture between Racal Electronics plc's subsidiary Racal Strategic Radio Ltd along with Millicom and the Hambros Technology Trust; Vodafone Group was born as a separate brand and business in 1991 with the divergence of Racal Telecom from Racal Electronics (cellnet, 2012). ...
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