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The influence of advertising on consumer behaviour

Advertising is a way of communication by a company to individual or group of consumers. It is through this channel that the companies are able to attract consumers to their goods and services. In addition, advertising can manipulate the consumers buying behaviour hence increasing the company’s sale revenue (Vitez, Para 1, 2010). Therefore, it is evident that advertising is an enveloping way of marketing in society. The methods used by advertisers to advertise has changed but the function and aim of advertising has changed very little (Capozzi, Para 1, 2011).
The main purpose of advertising is to create awareness about the advertised product among the consumers in addition to helping the consumer make a purchase decision. Therefore, the significance of advertising as a promotional approach looks to its capacity to affect consumer not only to purchase but also to go on buying and ultimately develop a brand loyalty. In order to satisfy particular needs and wants, the advertiser requires understanding the consumers’ behaviour including the mental and emotional processes and the physical activities of people who buy and use the goods and services (Ayanwale et al, p 10, 2005).It is important for an advertiser to develop good marketing plans through studying the consumer behavioural features and needs, lifestyles, and purchase processes and hence make proper marketing-mix decisions. When studying the Consumer behaviour it is important to study what they buy, when they buy, how they buy, why they buy, how often they buy, and from where they buy. ...
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The influence of advertising on consumer behaviour.
Businesses and companies utilize many ways through advertising, which influence consumer behaviour. This paper will discuss in detail these ways and evaluate how they influence customer behaviour. …
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