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Business to business (marketing plan) Essay example
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THE MARKETING PLAN Executive Summary The present report is mainly an outline that is made up of data used to segment two forms of market namely business to business (B2B) market and business to customer (B2C) market. Noting that each of the two markets has their own characteristics and values, the present report will help the Board of LumiCore in taking the right decision on the market segment as the report outlines marketing plan to target the chosen segment.


In light of this, the company would have to put in a lot of effort in identifying where its major strengths are so as to take advantage of the potentials. In this regard, a comprehensive research and development program in the short to medium term is recommended. What is more, the company must be poised with the introduction of new strategies and competitive advantages that will not seem too familiar to end users. Once this happens, potential customers would have no justification to trade off their existing companies for the new entrant. 1 Comparison of B2B to B2C B2B has largely been used to stand for business to business marketing whiles B2C has also been used to represent business to customers marketing. A critical understanding of these forms of marketing is very importation in the creation of market of market segments for any identified setting. This is because with an understanding of which of the two works best for a given company, it becomes easier for the company to select one of the two principles in creating the segmentation (quote). Generally, B2C has larger and broader sales prospects than B2B (quote). To this extent, B2C assure larger markets than B2B. ...
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