Marketing planning consultancy report for NLV Solutions Limited

Marketing planning consultancy report for NLV Solutions Limited Essay example
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MARKETING PLAN: NLV Solutions: The Vend-O-Matic™ Brand EXECUTIVE SUMMARY NLV Solutions operates under the Vend-O-Matic brand, a business model supported by a family-based culture that is, today, ineffective in responding according to market characteristics.


To launch the new integrated marketing communications campaign, designed to create brand recall in markets with little knowledge of the brand, considerable preliminary market research will need to be conducted to gain perspectives on consumer attitudes and lifestyles that will translate into an innovative procurement model with product emphasis. The logo utilised to make Vend-O-Matic stand out is based on retro-style signage common during the boom in automats in the 1960s to inspire nostalgic-based consumption behaviours. It is estimated that Vend-O-Matic will achieve a 40 percent increase in sales through this brand-building campaign, justified under premiumisation models in pricing and promotion and through establishment of more cooperative partnerships with many supply chain partners. This will be accomplished by devoting more capital and labour into the promotional function and ensuring innovation in product procurement. NLV Solutions: The Vend-O-Matic Brand 1.0 Situation analysis Vend-O-Matic is an established brand serving the United Kingdom since the 1960s. Despite this longevity in the automatic vending market, NLV Solutions has been slow to respond to market changes in a sales environment that is strongly driven by consumer attitude and psycho-social characteristics. ...
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