Marketing Analysis on Facebook

Marketing Analysis on Facebook Assignment example
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Facebook operates in a marketplace those transverse physical and geographic borders. The pervasive nature of the Internet ensures that a vast audience is available for social networking sites and other online business models.


While the social networking sites are predominantly driven by individual actions as people are more or less free to use the platforms as they like. However, in some countries, the political environment is closed and the governments do not want people to interact freely on the social networking sites. There are clashes between the ideals of personal freedom and liberty of speech and local political and legal restrictions. China makes an excellent example for this issue, where the government monitors Internet activity of its citizens and also does not hesitate in hacking the social networking accounts or personal search data. While this is an extreme case, the difference in political ideologies across different countries does impact on the profitability and growth of the online organizations, and especially the online social networking organizations like Facebook. In addition, the cyber security laws and cyber privacy laws are different across different countries which make an organization Facebook vulnerable to legal or social problems. While the Facebook model is basically based on the Western concepts of personal freedom and absolute privacy, different regions of the world do not conform to these ideals. ...
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