Implementing Integrated Marketing--- marketing communication strategy

 Implementing Integrated Marketing--- marketing communication strategy Essay example
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MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Name: Institution: Course Code/Name: Professor: Date: PART A The emergence of globalization has come with a number of social, economic and political realignments and the firms are the great casualties to the changes. The multinational companies are fighting for market size and the cardinal tool in this respect is effective communication that would make their marketing bear fruits.


The marketing mix that is appropriate for all this multicultural world market for multinationals must converge to achieve the same goal of expanding the market while at the same time saving the firms costs of operation. Different regions or countries have a specific social framework and any marketing strategy and the communication strategy need to conform to this diversity factor lest it realise insignificant publicity and product promotion. The cultural factors are closely attached to the economic policies of the specified regions, their religious beliefs, political ideologies and the level of economic development. An effective marketing communication plan needs to be designed to promote the image of the firm at local level with a global view. It is therefore imperative that market research is thoroughly carried out to develop a communication plan that is in line with the demands of cultural diversity and political environment (Smith, Pulford, & Berry, 2009, pp.75). ...
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