Fundamental analysis of Hewlett - Packard

Fundamental analysis of Hewlett - Packard Essay example
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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: 10 December 2012 Fundamental Analysis of Hewlett – Packard 1. Introduction Hewlett Packard is a technology corporation, situated in California. The company specializes in developing network hardware, storage, software and services.


The company initially started with technology solutions to businesses, consumers and all forms of institutions. It later expanded itself to providing operations to IT infrastructure, access devices, personal computing, imaging and printing services and global services. Hewlett Packard possesses number of competitors in its industry, which include Apple, IBM, Gateway, Canon and Dell. In 2006, it outperformed its competitor Dell in terms of Market Share. HP emphasizes on simplifying the experiences of technology for its customers, which includes individual customers as well as large institutions and businesses. HP possesses a wide portfolio consisting of products related to personal computing, spans printing, IT infrastructure, software, hardware etc. In, 2007, HP acquired a revenue of $100 billion. The company has been operating in its field for past 70 years. 1.1. Statement of Purpose Acknowledging the significance of the company in its relevant field, this report aims to provide a detailed analysis of the company. This report consists of two major parts. First part of this report encompasses the qualitative information about the company, which includes objective of the company, products manufactured by the company, its target market and competitive edge. ...
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