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Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 New Product 3 Target Market 4 Brand Positioning 5 Marketing Mix 6 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction This report aims at introducing a new product idea, developing its marketing strategy and analysing the marketing ingredients required to make the new idea a success.


The headquarters of the country is California United States, but HP operates its business around the world. HP was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. HP offers wide range of products such as laptops, printers, inks, toners, PCs, etc. HP launched its first inkjet and laser printers in the year 1984. However, these printers were specifically designed for the desktops. In the 90s, HP decided to enter the printer market with range of high quality and innovative printers. Now HP is among the top players in the printer industry. Companies are coming forward to invest their earning in planting more trees, reducing pollution and chemical wastes and gases. They are also bringing out several new eco-friendly and technologically improved products by using 100 % recyclable materials. In this study we would recommend a new product idea HP to introduce an eco-friendly technology in the printer which involves reprinting of the same paper by erasing its ink. This would not only give HP an edge over its competitors, but also make it a market leader from a major player. New Product HP can introduce a green or eco-friendly printer which would reduce the wastage and usage of paper. In this manner it would also assist in saving natural resources like trees and water. ...
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