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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Badedas Case Study Badedas is a leading brand of in the Italian market for body care products. Currently, the brand is the most in the bath and shower categories and has significance presence in the liquid soap category. However, the brand has suffered a considerable loss of market share in some of its products.


Manetti and Roberts has held to the market lead despite its share declining slightly over the period. The major gains in market share have been taken by Uniliver’s Dove products with its overall market share rising steadily over the period. This implies that Badedas’s market has been lost to the competition from Unilever’s product. Market position in shower category Market value shares in shower category Badedas is has been the leading brand in the shower category of body care products in the entire period of the research. However, the market share has dropped marginally over the period to stand at 12.9% from 13.7%. The market share of the closest competitor, Colgate Palmolive, dropped marginally over the period. The biggest gainer in the shower category was BDF Nivea which gained a formidable 2.5% over the period under consideration. Market share in the bath category Badedas was the lowest performer among the top four brands in this category. The market shares for Badedas in this category reduced steadily to stand at 2.6% from a high of 3.6%. Badedas was far behind the market leader at the end of the period by almost 7%. Also, Badedas’s products in this category were far behind even in comparison to the closest competitor in terms of market share. ...
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