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Buyer behavior Name Institution Date Introduction One of the most commonly recognized advertisement campaign in the world by any sportsman is ‘Just Do It’ by Nike. However, it is not only recognized by sportsmen only, but by almost everyone who engages themselves in sport like activities.


One of the main reasons of this report is to study how this advertisement campaign slogan has helped in boosting the organization’s sales and whether it has been effective (John, March 21, 2002). To do this one will have to identify who the slogan is aimed at, what products are offered by the organization, when the product is in use, the positioning of the advert and lastly why the slogan is so effective. In order to know who the product is aimed at, one has to consider the product itself. Nike organisation has a wide range of products, ranging from sport shoes, clothes and drinking bottles. One of the most common things about these products is that, they are mainly used when people are performing sport related activities such as running, jumping or climbing. The advertisement campaign “Just Do It” targets both the young and the old who fills they have the strength to go an extra mile. The campaign slogan invokes the spirit to go an extra mile. According to analysts, the advertisement campaign was mostly successful in targeting sport lovers because it gave them the motivation to do something, when they thought their strength was depleted (John, March 21,2002). This means that the advertisement campaign gave them an extra motivation to just go ahead and do whatever it is they thought was impossible. ...
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