Marketing strategy of Pacific Coffee Company (Hong Kong)

Marketing strategy of Pacific Coffee Company (Hong Kong) Essay example
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Executive summary Coffee retail business is the most flourishing business in the economic recession. With every business facing difficulties in operations, coffee retail business enjoys growth (Roast Magazine, 2012). One such company is Pacific Coffee Company; subsidiary of China Resources Enterprise ltd.


By this it was concluded that marketing strategy can play an essential role in the success of the company and to do so effective and efficient marketing strategies are required for the company to live up to their dreams. Some recommended strategies for the company were to enhance the implementation of technology into the business operations, expansion into new markets, diversification of the products, collaboration with banks, colleges and companies to allow selling of company’s products in their premises, promotional strategies, shifting the focus from retail business to under-serviced sectors, additional value creation and last but not the least online pre-ordering of the coffee to reduce the waiting time of the customers. By implementing above mentioned marketing strategies the company would have a competitive edge over the other players in the market. These recommendations would help the company to be the leader of the market with profitability, growth and greater opportunities. ...
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