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Essay example - Tiffany & Co. analysis

Tiffany & Co. analysis Essay example
High school
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This paper is mainly about Tiffany & Co analysis. It sets the background of this company through a briefly the history, its products, pioneers, location and distribution globally, and customer relation and analyzes the company’s position through performing a SWOT analysis…

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Tiffany & Co. is the most popular lavish jewelry corporation in the United States of America. For over a century and a half, Tiffany & co. have designed superb jewelry comprising of diamond. The company often uses Tiffany & co and just Tiffany as its main trademark, and at the same time as its trade name.
Statement of Purpose
In a quest to for tiffany to maintain its giant market and dominance, this paper studies the company’s current pattern applied to maintain customer satisfaction and its prolonged dominance, with the aim of gaining deep knowledge on success of this company and devising applicable through which it can improve its current level performance.
This study involves a quantitative and qualitative analysis (a SWOT analysis,) for tiffany to gauge its current position. This analysis also gives recommendations to potential investors and the company at large on its current position. The weaknesses and threats identified through the SWOT analysis be used as a yard stick for devising applicable solutions and this is after comparing various documented applicable solutions, through various qualitative and quantitative tests, and discussed in the subsequent chapters, and the final outcome is mainly targeted at coming up with an effective criteria for investment for Tiffany & Co.
To come up with concrete recommendations, this study will focus on all the most trusted company profitability, growth and development analysis, evaluations and strategies, thus: the company’s commitment to CSR, potential to expand, profitability, adaptability, rising stock price, and competitive advertisement. ...
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