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Tiffany & Co. Analysis Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Executive Summary This paper is mainly about Tiffany & Co analysis. It sets the background of this company through a briefly the history, its products, pioneers, location and distribution globally, and customer relation.


Tiffany has some weakness as a result of declining cash flows and limited product range. Contrary to the weakness, the company prides in a number of opportunities such as Singapore as a luxury retail hub for Asian market and new business venture- Corporation with other companies to expand its market dominance. For the company to maintain its positive growth, it has to address the following threats; Proliferation of imitation for its items and Economic slowdown This analysis also expands its portfolio through examining the quantitative variables that influences its performance, thus, scrutinizing the quantifiable variables of the company like company worth and predictable sales. The method involves analyzing profit and loss accounts, arithmetical state of the financial system, sales and earning histories. The variables discussed in this section are; Financial Ratio Analysis, Industry Specific Metrics and EV/Revenue Valuation. Under financial analysis we study the company’s Liquidity, Asset, and debt Management and Profitability status. For specific company metrics; Sales per Retail Square Foot, Sales per Employee and Capital Intensity are as well discussed. The analysis winds with an EV/Revenue Valuation. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 List of Tables 4 Tiffany & Co. ...
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