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Adam Aircraft was founded by Rick Adam in the year 1998 for the purpose of attaining its predetermined business goals. The mission of Adam Aircraft was to deliver high performance air planes to its potential customers.


The strategies of the company were typically customer oriented that were endeavored towards producing light, comfortable, affordable and fast aircrafts. Findings The company faced many severe challenges. One of the prime challenges faced by the company was the availability of limited fund. The aspects of inadequate time and lack of skilled workforce were the other vital challenges for the company. At the same time, the company realized that in order to succeed in aircraft industry, it must develop new and innovative products. Recommendations Addressing the challenges faced by the company, certain recommendation have been given. In this regard, the company must cautiously utilize the available time and funds. Any kind of wastage within the company should be quickly curtailed. Further, it should seriously consider the rules and regulation prescribed by FAA in order to prevent any delays during the work process. Table of Contents Memo 2 Table of Contents 4 Introduction 5 Thesis Statement 5 Identification and Evaluation of the Company’s Existing Mission, Objectives and Strategies 5 Identification of the Key Strategic Issues (Problem Statement) 7 The Causes of the Problem 8 Identification of the Key Inferences and Assumptions 9 Alternative Solutions 10 Recommendations ...
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