Warfare about product life cycle

Warfare about product life cycle Essay example
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Warfare about Product Life Cycle (PLC) Introduction Marketing is one of the core functions of business organization. The term marketing can be simply defined as the activities or processes undertake by the business organizations for the purpose of promoting as well as selling the products and services to customers and generating revenues…


In order to accomplish different marketing functions in the most effective manner, it is quite necessary for the management to undertake different marketing strategies at different time periods (Cole 2003). Different marketing strategies undertaken by business organizations are quite crucial for the organization as they are directed to achieve a specific and long term business objectives. In line to this, it is quite essential for the organization to align its different marketing strategies as per the demands and requirements of external business environment. For the purpose of formulating some crucial strategies and tactics, Product Life Cycle concept (PLC) is one of the most preferred concepts by business organizations. The concept elaborates different crucial stages in the life of a product presented by a business organization and explains different strategic measures, which should be taken by business organization at different stages of the life cycle of the product (Henry 2008). In direction to this the paper aims to reflect different strategies and crucial tactics undertaken by a business organization for the purpose of attaining desired success at different stages of the lifecycle of a product. ...
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