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Term Paper example - Marketing Plan For An Art Gallery National Gallery of Art

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Marketing Plan For An Art Gallery National Gallery of Art Term Paper example
Term Paper
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National Gallery of Art is a Washington based art gallery which is more like an art museum. The gallery is funded by government to preserve the art of the Unites States of America and Europe. The gallery has been facing enormous competition by the surrounding competitive galleries…

Extract of sample

The National Gallery of Art has come up with a new marketing strategy in order to cope with the rising completion and to retain the existing customers. The new marketing strategy involves market expansion and penetration strategies. It is planning to expand its product line and also to offer a new product by opening up a art school for students who are interested in learning about the American and European art. The main objective of the National Gallery of Art is to preserve the best art pieces from all around the world and pass them on to the future generations in the best condition. In the next three, consecutive years, the organization has planned to implement its new marketing strategy by using a step-by-step procedure. In the first year it will expand its collection base, in the second year it will expand its building and in the third year it will open up its art school.

Company description
The National Gallery of Art is based in Washington, DC. It was created in 1937 by the people of United States. It was formed as a result of collaboration between the congress and the Andrew. W. Mellon who was both the financier and art collector for the National Gallery of Art. Before his death Andrew W Mellon promised all his collection of sculpture and art to the United States and it was preserved in the National Gallery of Art. Since then the gallery has been like an art museum. It holds many precious paintings belonging to various artists. ...
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