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Dame Anita founded the Body Shop Company, which is located in the United Kingdom, in 1976. Today, this company operates in 61 countries across the globe, with close to 2 500 outlets. The company mainly produces and sells a variety of beauty and cosmetic products, which total to approximately 1 200. …


The Body Shop mainly targets males and females of different age groups. In 2006, the ownership of Body Shop was transferred to L’Oreal, a French cosmetics company. The mission of this company is to impart self-esteem in their clients, protect the environment, be advocates against animal testing, while defending human rights, and supporting the community trade (Mennen, 2011).
Macro-environmental Analysis - PESTL
Political Factors
Different factors in the external environment of Body Shop continue to affect its market operations. Most of these factors are beyond the control of this company, as it has less influence on its external environment. Two major political factors have affected the production and sale of beauty and cosmetic products by this company. First, political instability in Guatemala limits the company’s production of beauty products. Guatemala produces Aloe Vera used in manufacture of beauty products by the Body Shop. Political instability destabilizes major business processes and business transactions with foreign countries. Secondly, Peru is also faced with political instability, yet it is the major producer of the Brazil nut oil, used in manufacture of beauty products (Assenmacher, 2012).
Economic Factors
Body Shop Company utilizes the franchising policy as one of its strategies for growth. The decreasing interest today makes the company stands a better growth opportunity as this works in its favour. ...
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