Marketing in the 21st Century

Marketing in the 21st Century Essay example
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MARKETING IN THE 21ST CENTURY Word count: 2479 Your name …………………. College/ course…………….. Date of submission …………. Introduction Effective marketing strategies have recently gained significant attention from marketing management in order to help companies respond to customers’ on-demand expectations and satisfy their varying and rather specific requirements.


10) through a number of marketing strategies and techniques. This piece of research work presents a brief report based on various marketing concepts like marketing mix, segmentation, advertising agency and positioning from the view points of a marketing consultant who works for Hotel Verta, situated in Battersea, London. Marketing mix and Marketing Orientation Marketing mix is an extremely important step in marketing planning once the company has decided the overall marketing strategy. Marketing mix is a set of tactical marketing tools that the company or precisely the marketing management wants to produce a response in its targeted market (Armstrong and Kotler, 2005, p. 57). Marketing Mix consists of four significant marketing elements, namely Product, Price, Place and Promotion and they are generally termed as 4Ps of marketing. As Belch and Belch (2007, p. ...
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