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Essay example - BT group: an analysis of the organisation`s code of conduct

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BT Group: an Analysis of the Organisation’s Code of Conduct Course: Contents Introduction 3 Critical Analysis of the Code 3 Description of BT Group’s Code of Conduct 3 Analysis of the Code 5 Strengths: 6 Weaknesses: 7 Component 1: Principles 8 Component 2: Human Rights 9 Component 3: Privacy and Confidentiality 9 Conclusion 10 10 References 12 Introduction BT Group is known as one of the leaders in global communications services that caters to the needs and demands of diverse clientele in the United Kingdom as well as in almost 170 nations (BT Group, Our company, 2012)…

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In reference to this, the current paper presents a critical analysis of BT Group’s Business Practice and Code of Ethics. Critical Analysis of the Code Description of BT Group’s Code of Conduct BT Group’s code of conduct and adherence to ethical standards are outlined in the organisation’s statement of business practice as published in a document entitled ‘The Way We Work’ (BT Group, A code of practice, 2009). The discourse is presented and divided according to the organisation’s business principles and their relationships to various stakeholders. In providing the guidelines and details of the organisation’s relationships with these stakeholders, they have enumerated their aspirational specific commitments. ...
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