The Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria

The Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria Dissertation example
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THE CHALLENGES FACED BY SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA 1. Proposed research question What are the challenges faced by small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria? 2. Objectives of the study The principal objective of the study is to identify the challenges faced by the SMEs of Nigeria.


The study will therefore cover these topics and will try to determine the issues faced by the SMEs in Nigeria. 3. Aims of the dissertation To identify the issues and the challenges faced by the SMEs in Nigeria. To recognize how the SMEs of Nigeria are presently dealing with it To provide recommendations regarding how the situation of SMEs in Nigeria can be improved 4. Dissertation’s position in the existing literature Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the small firms or companies whose numbers of employees are considerably less and operate independently (Analoui and Karami, 2003). Moreover, the yearly turnover of these companies is less as and when compared with a large organization. However, in many countries SMEs outnumber large organizations by a broad margin. According to reports, every year around 600,000 new SMEs are registered throughout the world. However, only 10 % of them sustains in the market. The remaining 90 % close down within two years of operation (Teall, 2012). Throughout the world small scale and micro enterprises are considered as an instrument of driving the economic growth (Johnson and Turner, 2010). Apart from that, they also play a crucial role in creating employment opportunities in a country. ...
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