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Problem at China Airlines Table of Contents Introduction 3 A Brief Analysis of the Case Study 3 Question 1) Macro-Level Issues 4 PEST Analysis 4 Question 2) Industry Specific Issues 7 Porter’s Five Forces Model 7 Internal Capabilities and Weaknesses of China Airlines (CAL) 10 Question 3) Recommendations 12 Question 4) 14 Foreignnes 14 Entrepreneurship 17 Conclusion 18 References 19 Introduction China Airlines Limited (CAL) was founded on December 10, 1959 in Taiwan by a few of the ex-officers from Chinese Air Force.


However, the organisation has faced different challenges while performing different business activities across the globe (Samanta & Faheem, 2010). The report intends to briefly discuss about the macroeconomic issues of China concerning outsourcing, manufacturing as well as supply chain management system. The discussion of the report will also focus upon analysing China Airlines through reflecting its financial information, global competitiveness, supplying activities as well as various technological aspects. Moreover, the report will further provide relevant and effective recommendation for China Airlines in order to mitigate the issues or difficulties faced within the Chinese market. A Brief Analysis of the Case Study According to the case study, it has been observed that CAL has faced various challenges or difficulties in international airline business. ...
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