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Research Proposal The Customer Relations Systems of Cathay Pacific Airlines and its Impact on Corporate Image and Customer Loyalty – Market Research Background Cathay Pacific is the National Airlines of Honk Kong (Thompson, 2012). It has its headquarters in the Hong Kong International Airport.


The new system created a good data warehousing and customer data-analysis systems. The new system resulted in the a 300% increase in returns on investment between 1998 and 2000 (Gamble et al, 2010). Through the system, Cathay Pacific got information to support decision making. This resulted in the consolidation of data, more personalized service and improved target marketing. The Airline also introduced the Marco Polo Club in 1995 which is a brand loyalty programme meant to reward customers and encourage them to get some kind of compensation to stick to the Cathay Pacific (Horner & Swarbrooke, 2012). Marco Polo Club is a part of One-World Alliance. The Marco Polo Club has four classes, Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each class has its own benefits. Amongst the many benefits include the fact that Silver members can pay the rate of the economy class and check in at the business class. Gold members on the business class can check into One World Alliance Executive lounges in Airports around the world. Diamond members can have some excess luggage when they travel in the business class. (Horner and Swarbrooke, 2012). This programme has worked successfully for Cathay Pacific for all these years. Research Question Questions Cathay Pacific is currently a very profitable business venture. It is successful in many different areas and parts of Asia and the Pacific region. ...
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