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nalysing the impact of Confucianism on customer behaviour and perception of western brands - Literature review Example

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nalysing the impact of Confucianism on customer behaviour and perception of western brands

China has about 1.3million HNW individuals making it one of the most attractive wealth management markets and thus the high street fashion brands expand to China to make profits (BBC News, 2012). Sale of goods in china is exploding despite of tax importing the Chinese market. Online consumption of western product by the Chinese consumers by 11% in the next five years or so and sales of the brands will grow by twice by about 25% a year. China is the largest consumer of Louis Vuitton and accounts for about 15% of global sales (The Economist, 2011). The Chinese market have proved to be an important market for most of the western brands as the top five most recognised brands in China are imported overseas. In the Chinese market the top brands which have successfully made are Nestle S.A, Chanel, Samsung Group, Apple Inc, Sony Corp, Nike Inc, Starbucks Corp, Canon Inc and other brands. With other western and luxury brand such as Armani, Louis Vuitton and Gucci were also reported to show high in rating among the western brands. ...
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Analysing the impact of Confucianism on customer behaviour and perception of western brands Contents 1. Literature review 4 1.1. Introduction 4 2.1 Confucianism 7 2.1.1 Confucianism Meaning 7 2.1.2 Chinese culture and Confucianism 8 2.1.3 Neo- Confucianism 10 3.1 Consumer behaviour 10 3.1.1 Consumer behaviour and Chinese culture 10 4.1 Branding 11 4.2 Customer based Brand Equity Pyramid 12 4.2.1 Brand Salience 13 4.2.2 Brand Performance and Brand Imagery 13 4.2.3 Consumer Judgements and Consumer Feelings 14 4.2.4 Consumer Brand Resonance 15 5…
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