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Service encounter journal and analysis Strategic marketing is the process of analyzing the way a company can achieve the satisfaction of its customers and thus, enlarge its profits. Strategic planning is of huge significance to any organization and is fundamentally directed from the top management.


In order to achieve this, the company should divide customers into individual segments and look out for techniques to gain their consent and satisfaction. This is a very challenging task as the needs of different segments call for different marketing mixes. One of the most important principles of strategic marketing is the establishment of clear objectives of the company in terms of its position in the market. Market share is a key variable for this principle because a company keeps its prices higher and its long-term position in the market is stronger when it dominates in a specific segment of consumers. In addition to satisfying the individualistic needs of consumer segments and gaining increased share in the market, it is equally necessary for a company to add value to its product. This provides a company with a strong foundation upon which it can build its strategic marketing planning. Customers should be given tangible advantages for using the products of a particular company or brand. Management philosophy is one of the prime determinants of customer service quality. ...
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