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Global Marketing – Strategy and Practice Chili’s – strategic market entry plan Contents Introduction 3 Market entry strategies 4 Market entry choice – decisive factors 6 Chili’s market entry mode 9 Marketing mix 10 Standardization or localization – choice for Chili’s 12 Organization structure 15 Logistics and supply chain mechanism 16 References 19 Introduction Global marketing has assumed increased significance in today’s business world owing to the opening of international markets and the vast opportunities presented by these markets.


The initial step begins with identifying the foreign market that the firm wants to explore in. This decision is based on a number of strategic alternatives that underline the market opportunities and strategic orientation of the firm based on defined market needs. Once the decision of the foreign market is made, the next step involves identifying the market entry mode. This involves crucial decision on the firm’s choice of market entry mode and the decision is guided by several factors that require a deeper understanding of the country’s political and legislative environment. The report provides an insight into the market entry plans and strategic marketing alternatives that Chili’s will adopt in order to enter and establish its operations in London markets. The previous report analyzed the market environment and global marketing strategies that can help Chili’s strengthen its market position in London. This report explores the various market entry strategies that would be most appropriate for Chili’s and then identifies the marketing mix alternatives available to the company. ...
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