Global Marketing-Strategy and Practice ( Chili's )

 Global Marketing-Strategy and Practice ( Chili
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Global Marketing-Strategy and Practice (Chili’s) Table of Contents Introduction: Chili’s and UK Bar & Grill Market 3 Market Entry Modes 3 Marketing Mix 8 Product 8 Price 9 Place 10 Promotion 10 People 11 Process 11 Physical Evidence 12 Standardisation or Adaptation 12 Logistics 13 Recommendation 15 References 17 Introduction: Chili’s and UK Bar & Grill Market This report aims at discussing certain significant strategic moves for expanding Chili’s Grill & Bar’s operations to UK.


Now the restaurant chain is located in 49 states in USA and 30 other international locations. The restaurant mainly serves Tex-Mex food, which means Mexican and Texan food. Other than this they also offer other menu such as burgers, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. In this report the aim is to plan out Chili’s launch in UK. The process of doing so begins with a complete analysis of the strategic factors (Brinker International, 2013). Chili’s Grill & Bar is also located in Australia, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, other than USA and Canada. Now it is planning to expand in London, UK. Every country is different and so its business environment. There are certain strategic factors which influence the decision-making of the companies during expansion or internationalization. Chili’s Grill & Bar has to consider strategic factors like international competitiveness, international growth, trade blocks, macro business environmental factors on which supply chain, logistics, and marketing would depend (Grant, 1991). Market Entry Modes This section will evaluates the market entry modes of Chili’s Grill & Bar in details, but before that decision on the international trade framework in UK is necessary. ...
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