Marketing communication activities

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Marketing Communication Activities Introduction The business environment has experienced a big transformation over the last few years, which has hugely affected the way companies do their business (Webster and Ksiazek 2012, p.4). The changes have particularly affected how companies market their products to customers in order to persuade them to buy the products and services offered by the company.


Marketing communication according to Bythe (2000, p.17) is all messages and activities geared towards informing, influencing and persuading the consumer to buy a product or service. Marketing communication is important for any organization because it can also be used as a differentiator of a company’s products and services especially in a market where competing brands and products are very difficult to differentiate from each other. For instance, Brassington and Pettitt (2003, p.14) note that it is not simple for a consumer to differentiate easily between Highland Spring and Perrir mineral water products because they are quite similar. Therefore, marketing communication can be used as a tool for differentiating the two products, as well as build a strong bond with consumers. In this regard, marketing communication exhibits four elements commonly referred to as the “DRIP” element namely differentiate, reinforce, inform, and persuade according to Bythe (2000, p.17). Research indicates that landscape of marketing communication has changed significantly over the past few years (Creamer 2012). This is attributed to the technological advancements and globalization that has led to the emergence of digital technology thereby changing how information is received and disseminated. ...
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