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Consumer Behavior Research Report (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Issues Facing Consumers in Adopting This New Product A new product is a good, some kind of service or an idea that has been introduced to the market for the first time or has been there for a while and is perceived by a potential customer as new.


The adoption process is a long one and which involves a variety stages. The first stage is awareness where the consumer becomes exposed to the new idea, good or service. The second stage is the Interest stage where the consumer seeks information related to the product. This is done through a variety of ways such as from brochures, from friends etc. The third stage is the evaluation stage where the consumer of the product considers the possibility of trying the new product. The fourth stage is the Trial stage where the consumer tries the new product on rather a small scale so as to improve his or her estimate of the product’s value. The last stage is the adoption stage where the consumer will make use of the product on a large scale and on a regular basis (Boone & Kurtz, 2011, pp.28-78). Therefore from the above discussion we have seen that adopting a particular product is not a simple task and so much has to be done on the part of the producer to make sure that the new product is adopted by his/her potential customers. ...
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