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Business Plan Executive Summary An effective business plan is required to be formulated by the proposed company i.e. XYZ Company while initiating a new business. The company possesses the desire to perform its business as a small competitive car care product manufacturer in Australia.


It is projected that the company can be able to fulfil its predetermined business targets by following the aforementioned aspects at large. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction and Background of the Venture and Management Team 4 Background of the Venture 5 Management Team 5 Main Objective of the Proposed Business Plan 6 Marketing Section – Including Market Research & the Marketing Mix 7 Market Research 7 Marketing Mix 9 Competition 13 Operations Section - Including Manufacturing & Physical Distribution 15 Manufacturing 15 Physical Distribution 19 Financial Section 22 Source of Finance 22 Financial Goals 22 Income Statement 23 24 Projected Profit & Loss 25 Break-Even Analysis 25 Implementation Time Table 26 Conclusion 27 References 29 Introduction and Background of the Venture and Management Team A business plan is often regarded as a crucial step for an entrepreneur intending to inaugurate a new business venture or expand the existing business unit at a newly located marketplace. It essentially plays the role of a guide to the various operations of the organisation within the marketplace (Tiffany & Peterson, 2011). ...
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