The Interior Market of Dehenhams in 2014

The Interior Market of Dehenhams in 2014 Essay example
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The Interior Market of Debenhams in 2014 (Student Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) (Date) Introduction Debenhams is a UK based firm that specializes in the production of various brands ranging from childrenswear, womenwears as well as menswear. With differentiated customer products, the firm has created a strong customer loyalty that has resulted to a remarkable expansion of the company operations across UK and in foreign countries.


Some of the notable designers include Ted Baker, Jane Packer, Erickson Beamon, Janet Reger, Matthew Williamson and Ashley Thomas among others. Based on its high investment in British design for the last 20 years, Debenhams has benefited from a stable financial position that has assisted the company in expanding to other countries. This paper discusses the direction that Debenhams interiors market is heading for 2014 with reference to its customers, products, and the retailer. The consumer In efforts to increase its sales, Debenhams has embarked on increasing the number of customers who purchases its products. Debenhams customers are individual consumers who cut across the whole family regardless of gender, age, and social status as well as foreign customers. Its main business is in clothing though they have adopted various strategies in order to successfully tap footwear industry (Data monitor, 2011). Majority of the customers are women who spend few minutes to almost the whole day in the stores. ...
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