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Marketing Final Term Table of Contents Part one 3 Introduction 3 Target market 3 Goals 5 Part two 5 Marketing mix 5 Part three 12 Emirates Positioning Points 12 New Positioning Statement 13 Part four 14 Marketing Budget and Implementation 14 Marketing budget and time frame 14 Reference 16 Bibliography 17 Part one Introduction Emirates Airlines is an airline which is based in Dubai at the Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates.


Among the cabin crews, Emirates Airlines has one of the largest numbers of cabin crews which hail from around 95 different nationals. Emirates Airlines has installed individual entertainment system in all of its classes enabling customers for not only making online booking but also facilitates for choosing their arena of seating. These outstanding features have enabled this airline to be a customer oriented and pioneering contributor for advanced services. Emirates Airlines have empowered over 280 international awards, among which the prestigious award has been CAPA airline award for the year 2005, as awarded by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. Target market Targeting the kid’s market The needs of kids can be used to increase the share of market. There are a lot of families and parents who cares for the needs of their kids much more than themselves. Offering a suitable and comfortable environment to kids can reduce the misgiving of families. After launching of the campaign of “kids go free”, more family groups were received by Emirates Airlines than before. Through cooperation with tourism companies and hotels in Dubai, the emirates are keen to attract large number of tourists. ...
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