analyse a company and introduce a new product

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Analyse a company and introduce a new product Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Introduction 4 Mission Statement 5 Financial Statement 5 Marketing Research 9 Marketing Mix 10 Example 12 Summary 13 PESTLE Analysis 13 Summary 14 SWOT Analysis 15 New Product 18 Business Objective 19 Business Strategy Boston 21 Consumer Behaviour 21 Initiator 22 Influencer 22 Buyer 22 User 22 Example 22 Market Segmentation 22 Targeting 23 Different Target Marketing Strategies 23 Positioning 24 Recommendations 25 References 26 Appendix 28 Executive Summary Ford Edge Hybrid is a Gasoline Electric Hybrid model.


The external environmental factors or the macro factors include uncontrollable factors such as the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors (Porter, 2008, p.221). Ford should pay close attention to these factors while formulating business in domestic as well as foreign countries. The company is likely to adopt focused target marketing strategy by targeting the 21-50 age group people having middle to income living in the urban cities. Introduction A marketing plan is a significant part of an overall business plan. A well structured marketing strategy is the base of a well-written marketing plan (Westwood, 2002, p.3). A marketing plan includes a list of several actions. Without a sound strategic establishment marketing plan is ineffective. A good marketing plan is important in business as it helps to control the overall business and helps the business to steer towards profit. The purpose of a marketing plan is to set the direction for a business in order to promote it. ...
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