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Executive summary Every person pays more attention to large companies and dreams to work for them due to which the importance of small business is often neglected. Small businesses contribute highly towards the development of the economy. Although small businesses have tax advantages and quite a few corporate and statutory advantages but the number of small businesses outnumber large businesses by a mile.


Table of Contents Executive summary 0 Table of Contents 0 INTRODUCTION 1 CHOICE OF ORGANIZATION 2 Introduction of the organization 2 Choice Of Organization 3 BUSINESS BEHAVIOUR OF STAKEHOLDERS 5 Theories and frameworks in the small business management 5 Reasons of Small businesses to survive and prosper 7 Marketing Mix 9 ANALYSIS OF H AZEEM BUSINESS STRATEGY 11 Development of personal relationships 12 Flexible response to problems & challenges 12 Innovation 13 Low overheads 13 Niche markets 13 Marketing Mix 14 COMPARISON WITH COMPETITORS 15 Conclusions 16 Task B: Reflection on learning 16 References 17 INTRODUCTION There is a very famous German proverb stating that no one is rich or poor without helping himself to be in that position. That is one is to blame himself in what financial situation he may be. It is these kind of words that become a motivational factor for one person to start off of a small business and later on become an entrepreneur (Goel, Sanjay and Karri, Ranjan. 2006). Some people start of their journey of becoming an entrepreneur by seeking a job which helps them to understand the ways a business is run and determine the factors that are crucial in the success of a business. ...
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