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Brand Development Plan Executive Summary This report is a presentation of a brand plan for a period of 12 months for a new product intended to be launched by Last Chance. Last Chance is a corporation that has its products in different sectors. The company now intends to penetrate the market for soft drinks in Australia and is therefore developing a new product under the brand “Dew Fresh.” Some of the key competitors of the brand are identified as Coca Cola, Pura, Pepsi, Berry, Schweppes, Cottee’s Cordial, and Solo.


This report recommends that Last Chance Corporation focus on developing brand awareness and a good communication strategy in order to ensure good brand equity for Dew Fresh. Table of Contents Introduction 5 Assumptions 5 Position Strategy 6 Target Market 7 Competitor Analysis 8 Point of Difference 10 Point of Parity 10 Building Brand Equity 11 Brand Awareness 11 Selection and Justification of Brand Elements 12 Brand Image 12 Communication Strategy 13 Measuring Brand Equity 13 Recommendation 14 Conclusion 14 References 15 Introduction Last Chance is a diversified corporation based in Australia that produces and sells products of different kinds. The company now does not have any product in the beverage industry. It has, therefore, decided to make an entry into the Australian market for soft drinks. The company intends to develop a new product for the beverage market. In order to launch the brand successfully in the market, the company has to conduct a research on the existing brands in the market and their performance. ...
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