Marketing as a concept in business

Marketing as a concept in business Essay example
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Exam study question Name: Institution: Question 1 Marketing is a concept in business through which business people increase their brand awareness. Consumers only buy a product or service that they recognize and know about. This is a fact that has often compelled entrepreneurs to engage in different marketing activities key among which is advertising.


Most marketers use the different forms of mass communication to advertise their products thereby improving their brand visibility among their target market. Among the most common mass media are radio, television, newspapers and the modern day media the internet (Gieszinger, 2001). Mass media as a tool of advertising has a number of advantages over other forms of brand promotions key among which is the fact that mass media overcomes the geographical barriers some of which prevent accessibility of certain regions. Mass media communicates spontaneously; this implies that the information communicated reaches its consumers equally provided they have the ability to access it. Furthermore, some forms of mass media provide details and are stored for future references. Such mass media as newspapers and magazines have longer lifespans and therefore provide exhaustive information about a product in case of an advert (Marchand, 1985). The above features coupled with the possibilities of the internet as a mass media makes the media the most powerful tool for entrepreneurs to increase the visibility of their products and possibly the sales. Richard Ohmann evaluated these among other possibilities of the media in constructing his thesis statement, which is adequately accurate. ...
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