the confidence of saudi consumer in the seasonal sale of the international brands

the confidence of saudi consumer in the seasonal sale of the international brands Literature review example
Literature review
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Methodology Introduction This study aims to fill the knowledge gap about how Saudi consumers choose international brands and their views on seasonal sales. To do this, how international brands perform on the Saudi market is examined in detail, as is the strategies that businesses use to increase the trust of consumers in their products.


Secondary research was chosen as a method for research, and there is a wide range of literature that looks at seasonal sales, consumer loyalty, and consumer response to the market, already present. Methodology Secondary research was chosen as the method of research for this study. This involves using qualitative and quantitative data that has been gathered by other individuals for different purposes. This will be collected through examining the literature surrounding Saudi consumers, international brands and seasonal sales in detail, collating the information and using statistical analysis to look for patterns and trends. There are a number of advantages to secondary research. Firstly, it is cheaper and less time consuming than primary research . This is because the information has already been collected, it is a matter of finding, collating, interpreting and analysing it. Because of this, a larger data set can be examined than is able to be through primary research. Secondary, sometimes secondary research can give more accurate data than can be obtained through primary research . ...
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