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Marketing Research Report Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Problem Statement 3 Literature Review 4 Research Methodology 6 Sampling Plan 6 Data Collection 7 Focus Group Interview 8 Questionnaire 8 Ethical Consideration 8 Budget and Timeframe 9 Findings and Data Analysis 10 Conclusion 15 Expected Findings and Implications 15 References 16 Appendix 18 Appendix I – Focus Group Interview Questions 18 Appendix II – Questionnaire 18 Introduction Social Media can be defined as a relationship existing between people’s network.


Even though social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace take a large chunk of the student’s time, it helps in developing social skills and helps in knowledge and information sharing (Martin, 2008). However, according to Oberst, (2010) it has also been found out that high use of social media sites encourage negative feelings and behaviours among students and teenagers and result in negative behaviours such as procrastination, because they are always catching up with friends and they are more likely to be engaged in drugs and drinking. The purpose of this study will be to find out how the students are spending their time on these social networking sites. The study will also aim to find out how the use of these social sites are affecting the overall performance of students and what is the opinion of students on spending time on these social networking sites, especially face book. For the purpose of the study, research will be conducted among students of a university to find out their usage patterns opinion about Facebook. ...
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