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Essay example - ‘Commandos’ by Pyros Studios. Website Planning Report

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‘Commandos’ is a single/multi player real-time strategy computer game that has been developed by Pyros Studios. Pyros Studios released the third series of the game and are in the process of developing the fourth series. …

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This gaming website generally follows the same pattern as that of other gaming website of its kind, such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. However, the website will be distinguishable from its competitors through its logo, color palette, story line and characters that would be used as elements to improve brand positioning of the website and also the game.
The primary target market for this website is the age group falling between 16 and 25 and comprises of mostly the male population. Commandos is strategy game based on the background of the World War II that mostly appeals to the young males.
The Demographics that we would be discussing for this website is based on the primary target market, even though there are a large number of gamers that would be accessing the website who do not fall within the following mentioned demographics.
The age group of gamers for this website is mostly teenagers and also gamers in the early twenties. People belonging to this age group generally are inspired by the use of flash in the website and observe the aesthetics of the website closely.
Income Level and Employment Status
The target market for this website is mostly unemployed teens that may be working odd jobs at minimum wages. The target market has the time to play games since they are not employed full-time and have spare time at hand. ...
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