The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands - Dissertation Example

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The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands

Note that the interval between years is not even. Data for population from Internet World Statistics . The country has a very devout nature, with the official language of Arabic, and Islam as the major religion . Most citizens are Islamic, and those who are not tend to follow many of the religious practices of Islam out of respect. The same is true for foreign visitors to the country. The system of government for the country is a monarchy, and there is strict control on the media and information available . There is strong segregation between the genders, with women not being allowed to drive, and the different gender Saudi’s only able to work together in hospitals. Some businesses get around this by hiring female Saudi’s and male foreigners Islamic religion is strict on the clothing that people wear. Generally males where white robe-like garments, while females were black ones that cover their entire body, many also have their faces covered. This has a strong effect on the fashion industry, creating challenges as to what can be produced. Even for Saudi’s that wear western style clothing, clothing that reveals too much skin, such as t-shirts and shorts for both genders tend to be avoided, and most women wear conservative dresses . Compared to many other areas, the country has a very young population on average. ...
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Chapter Four – Results The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands Location and Population The population of Saudi Arabia is currently around 25,700,000 according to the 2010 census. There has not been steady population growth over the years, but instead has fluctuated year to year (Figure 1)…
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