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Energy drink marketing

The current research was conducted by applying non-probability sampling in order to give representation to the respondents belonging to different departments, organisations, professions, and racial and ethnic groups and ages. The researcher personally visited the offices and residences of the respondents to conduct the interviews of the respondents. It was found that the companies offering more attention and care to the comforts and work performances of the employees are able to meet the present day challenges in a far better way in the current business situation, because they are in a better position of handling and satisfying their work force that is most fertile in respect of earning name and fame for the organisation. While discussing the strong affiliation with the organisation, it was found that the rewards, incentives, encouragements, motivations and promotions increased the level of affiliation among the employees and workers with the organisation. In addition, efficient, diligent, hardworking, committed and honest personnel win the hearts of the management. An overwhelming majority of respondents declared encouragement from company as the key to success, as it psychologically bucked them up in such a way that they found themselves as representatives of their company as well. A significant proportion of the workers admitted that if their bosses had been cordial, they could have shown better performance in assignments and professional responsibilities. It was also found that working for a long time at a stretch creates stress and strain in workers. If they are offered with any revitalising drink, it would surely recover their energy level. ...
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According to the research findings, an overwhelming majority of the managers and workers have displayed their loyalty towards their organisation. Similarly, the management displayed their gratitude and attachment to the intelligent, honest, hardworking and efficient employees and workers…
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